Edited by Eliana Lorena

Critical text by Lucia Tozzi

CO.ART.CO APS and the president

Giuditta Renoldi the patronage of the Municipality of Bagnolo Mella

The collective exhibition will take place in the halls of the marvelous 17th century venue where a selection of projects of historical and recent archive materials will focus attention on contemporary design and its multiple languages.

"My work in the areas of industrial production, material culture and artifacts has been the fulcrum of my  design thinking for many years and shifts attention to the meaning of the product: from the series to the limited edition, declining natural and  artificial sustainable materials . The highlight of the exhibition is the presence of designers that I have met over time in design schools, in my  professional studio or for  collaborations and exhibitions. Friends with whom I share  their projects, common ones and elective affinities."

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