La Rinascente Palermo 

17_27 October 2013

I-Design 2013

Installations Eliana Lorena

with Francesco Buzzo and Marta Molteni

Five showcases animated by "Colors". An original display of objects and furnishings inserted in an explosion of very saturated colors that, in the chromatic circle, take on a clear, archetypal meaning of contemporaneity: they are the colors of the monitors and additive synthesis.

Each showcase has an exhibition power that integrates with the beauty of the architectural site and its natural lights.

To complete these "boxes" with a strong expressive value, a series of design pieces, which have become real icons, expertly selected on the occasion of the last Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Each group of artifacts has a formal, sensory, chromatic and material coherence; each showcase represents a thematic design area.

The participating companies are forges of high Italian production quality and overall the Colors exhibition represents a positive mood for the future, a kind of design oriented chromotherapy.