I-Design | Vetrine La Rinascente Palermo |  October 2012

Installations Eliana Lorena
Watercolors Aiko Onose
By Eleonora C. Rampinelli

In the windows of the Rinascente in Palermo, from 5 to 22 October 2012, Wonderland was on stage: the first contemporary design exhibition where the influence that the famous tales of Lewis Carroll had on the installations of Eliana Lorena is told in an original way. The words of the English author and the revision of some key themes, such as metamorphosis and play, are declined through the design objects chosen in different scales. The project was born from the meeting of Eliana Lorena with Palermo, in the context of idesign: a succession of events, exhibitions and conferences scheduled in the city in October 2012. Each showcase is a spell: the light changes, the colors change for effect of the proximity of the sea and the magic lamps, the dimensions change, the materials and surfaces of the scenographies created by Oikos make each metallic, material and metaphorical scenario. Five different chromatic and sensorial visions are illustrated by Aiko Onose. the shop windows: the ritual of food as a meeting place. An invitation for everyone to go up to the top floor, where you can visit the Metamorfosi exhibition, designed by Aldo Petillo and Andrea Dichiara, which arrived here in Palermo after the Milan and London offices.