Our future between dream and desire


8-11 September 2011 | Milan | Abitami Macef

Curated by: Eliana Lorena e Aldo Petillo

Project: Aldo Petillo con Francesco Buzzo, Tommaso Mariotti

Photo: Johnny Dell'Orto

The project aims to identify the future of housing to get out of the pseudomodaiola and celebratory spiral it has entered.

Innovative materials and "Italian" know-how will be the next real protagonists. They represent the great change of the third millennium. 

The new design vision is to reflect on the polarity between research and innovation (form follows material) and emotional domesticity. Our future between dream and desire suggests the concept of utopia, that is what is currently a non-place but which could become the place of the future. The concept of utopia is however important as it represents an ideal to be achieved, a goal that development in "positive" allows you to dream and desire.