Sensory maps. Color light matter 2


LATIN AMERICAN SCENARIOS Between Magic Realism and Contemporary Baroque.

|Triennale di Milano | From 1 March to 24 March 2013

Curated by Patrizia Rappazzo

Preparation Eliana Lorena con Francesco Buzzo

Artwork card Francesco Buzzo

Text Rietta Messina

Photo Francesco Buzzo

Pareti Oikos

Floors Stone Italiana

Lamps Pallucco

Arredo Covo

"Each space can be a chromatic map to take us from the gray asphalt of a very long Pan-American Carretera to the explosion of green, white, blue and brown shades of the Amazon River, from stilt houses to rainbow parrots. On the chromatic maps of Lorraine we would like to pin the skyscrapers, bridges, private airplanes, the dams of unstoppable development and the waterfalls, volcanoes, the void of Patagonia, as well as poverty, latifundium and exploitation and struggle of the Indians, immense wealth of the subsoil of latinos and of the nature of the Indians, black magic, its metals. Ragged Megalopoli and exuberant Amazonian forest, generate infinity of signs to Boetti in spaces open to infinite future creations. "